Companion of holy prophet (s) was murdered by Abu Bakr (la)

When the caliphate of Abu Bakr (la) was firmly implemented and he gained control over the people, Abu Bakr (la) called for Khalid b. Walid (la) and told him, “You are witness to what Malik b. Nuwayrah said that day and how he protested against me in the presence of the people and then how he recited couplets of poetry against me. Be aware that we are not safe from his deceit and trickery and he will pose a threat for the authority. In my opinion you should KILL him along with those who side with him and arrest their women-folk (under the pretext) that they have turned apostate and refuse to pay the zakat, and (for this) I will dispatch you to him with an army.”

Thus Khalid (la), accompanied with an army, went towards Batah, where Malik b. Nuwayrah was living.

When Malik was informed about the army, he put on his armour and fixed the saddle of his horse, preparing to defend himself. Malik was one of the valiant fighters of the Arabs and his strength was comparable to that of one hundred fighters. When Khalid (la) was informed that Malik had prepared himself for the battle, he became frightened and tried to deceive him by promising him that he was under his security. Malik did not trust Khalid’s (la) promises, but then Khalid (la) took a solemn (very serious) oath that deceit was not what he intended and he never wished him evil. Thus Malik relied upon the promises of Khalid and made him and his army his guests.

When some hours of the night passed by, Khalid (la), accompanied by a few of his associates, in a coward-like fashion, entered the house of Malik. He caught him off guard and killed him and on the same night, had sexual intercourse with Malik’s wife, Umme Tamim. He cut off the head of Malik and placed it in a big vessel in which the meat of a camel was cooked for the wedding feast that same night. It is astonishing that Khalid ordered his army-men to eat the food from the vessel that contained the severed head of Malik! After this, he imprisoned the womenfolk of Malik on the pretext that they had turned apostates and left the religion of Islam.

Ref : Baytul Ahzan, Chp.3, Pg.91

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