Imam (a.s.) takes care of the needs of every believer

Abu Hashim Ja’fari narrates:

One day when Imam Hasan Askari (as) mounted his horse and started riding towards the desert, I also mounted on my beast and followed him. He was riding ahead while I was following. Meanwhile I began worrying about the money that I owed to people to repay which was presently not possible.
The Imam (as) glanced at me and said,
“God would liquidate (terminate) your debt from the unseen.”
Then he bent down from the saddle and with his whip drew a line on the ground. Then he said,
“Dismount and pick up whatever you find in this circle.”
I dismounted and looked. I found a nugget (lump) of gold there. I picked it and placed it in my sleeve.
After that we continued our journey. On the way I again thought that it would be better if my debt is liquidated with that otherwise I would have to convince the creditors in some way.
Moreover winter was close and warm clothes were also required. I also had to keep those expenses in mind. As soon as I had this thought, the Imam turned to me. He again stooped from the saddle and drew a line with his whip.
“Dismount and pick up whatever you find in this circle. But don’t mention this to anyone.”
When I dismounted, I found a bar of silver. I picked it up and placed it in my sleeve. Then we travelled for some time and then returned.
On reaching home I calculated my loan amounts; after that when I inquired about the value of gold, it was exactly sufficient to liquidate my debt; not a dirham less or more.
[Then I estimated the cost of warm clothes and the silver I had was just enough for that. In this way the Imam had my debts liquidated and also arranged enough funds for my needs.]

Ref : Madinah Al Ma’ajiz, V.7, Chp.11, No.104 ,Pg.637;
Al-Thaqib fi al-Manaqib, Pg.217

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