Burning the Door of Tatheer thereby entering WITHOUT Permission

Abu Bakr (la) sent Qunzuf (la) along with some others to Ali (a.s.), Qunzuf (la) came to the house of Ali (a.s.) and asked permission to enter but the Imam (a.s.) refused to allow him to enter. The companions of Qunzuf (la) returned back to Abu Bakr (la) and Umar (la), who were seated in the Masjid with a group of men, and said that Ali (a.s.) had not permitted them to enter his house. Hearing this Umar (la) said, “Return back to the house of Ali (as), and if he does not permit you, enter therein without permission”. They came to the door of the house of Imam Ali (a.s.) and asked permission to enter therein. Sayyedah Fatemah (s.a.) came to the door of the house and said, “I forbid you to enter my house without permission”. The companions of Qunzuf (la) again came to Abu Bakr (la) and Umar (la), while Qunzuf (la) remained there, and informed them about Fatemah (s.a.)’s refusal to grant them permission to enter therein.

Hearing this Umar (la) was enraged and said, “What do we have to do with the tasks of women”, saying this he ordered firewood to be gathered. They gathered firewood, and along with Umar (la), came to the door of the house of Fatemah (s.a.). They scattered the wood at the DOOR while Ali (a.s.), Fatemah (s.a.), Hasan (a.s.) and Husain (a.s.) were therein. Then Umar (la) shouted, “By Allah! If you do not step out O Ali (as) and swear allegiance at the hands of the Caliph of the Prophet of Allah, I shall burn you down”, and his voice was heard by Ali (a.s.) and Fatemah (s.a.). Fatemah (s.a.) told him, “Why do you deal with us in this manner”? Umar (la) replied, “Open the door or else I shall burn you down”.

Fatemah (s.a.) said, “Do you not fear Allah (s.w.t.) and intend entering my house”? Umar (la) did not move away and asked his associates to bring fire, then he burnt the door of the house of Fatemah (s.a.), and pushing the door with pressure, stepped inside. Seeing this Fatemah (s.a.) stood facing him and called out, “O Father! O Prophet of Allah!” Umar (la) unsheathed his sword and struck at the side of Fatemah (s.a.) (May Allah’s eternal curse be upon him and his associates, “Verily the curse of Allah is on the unjust” Surah al Hud: 18), and she called out, “O father!” Then Umar (la) lifted his whip up and struck at the arm of Fatemah (s.a.) and she gave a cry, “O Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.s.)! Behold how badly have Abu Bakr (la) and Umar (la) dealt with us”.

At this moment Imam Ali (a.s.) leapt and caught hold of the collar of Umar (la) and pounded him upon the ground with such force that his neck and eye were injured. He (a.s.) resolved to kill him but suddenly recalled the testimony of the Prophet (s.a.w.s.) (to forebear) and called out, “O son of Sahhak! I swear by Allah (s.w.t.) Who exalted Muhammad (s.a.w.s.) upon the rank of Prophethood, if the command of Allah (s.w.t.) would not have been decreed and the promise (to bear patience) would not have been given to the Prophet of Allah (s.a.w.s.), you would have realized how difficult it is to enter my house”.

Umar (la) then sent a man to Abu Bakr (la) seeking assistance, and a group of the supporters of Abu Bakr (la) came and entered the house of Imam Ali (a.s.). Seeing this Imam Ali (a.s.) arose and unsheathed his sword. Qunzuf (la) ran back to Abu Bakr (la) in fear that Ali (a.s.) would strike at them with his sword, for he was aware of the valour and courage of Ali (a.s.) in the battles. Abu Bakr (la) told Qunzuf (la), “Return back to the house of Ali (as), then if he comes out of his house bring him to me, or else burn down the house with its inhabitants”.

Qunzuf (la) returned back and entered the house of Ali (a.s.) with his associates without seeking permission. Ali (a.s.) desired lifting his sword but Qunzuf (la) preceded him and snatched away the sword from him. At that moment Fatemah (s.a.) came in between to defend Imam Ali (a.s.) and Qunzuf (la) lifted up his whip and struck at her (May Allah’s eternal curse be upon him and his associates, and may Allah (s.w.t.) fling him into the bottomless pit of hell in Qiyamah). “And she (Fatemah) died, and when she died, the mark (of the whip) was visible upon her arm similar to a bracelet”.

Ref : Bayt al-aḥzan fī maṣāʾib Sayyidat al-Niswān, Pg.no 97-99

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