Holy Prophet (S) said: ‘Do not make enemies of the DAYS as they will be inimical to you.’

Narrated to us Ahmad bin Ziyad bin Ja’far Hamadani (r.a.): Narrated to us Ali bin Ibrahim: Narrated to me Abdullah bin Ahmad Musili from Saqr bin Abi Dulf that he said:

“When Mutawakkil (la) placed Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.) under house arrest, I went to inquire about the wellbeing of the Imam. When Mutawakkil ’s (la) sentry (a guard) saw me he called me and said: Saqar, how are you?

I said: I am fine, boss.

He told me to sit and began to converse with me. He asked me: Why have you come here?

I said: To meet you.

He said: Perhaps you have to meet your Master.

I said: Who is my master. My Master is the ruler of the time.

He said: Keep quiet, your Master is the rightful Imam. Don’t be afraid of me. I also follow your religion.

I said: Praise be to Allah.

He asked: Would you like to see him?

I said: Yes.

He said: Sit here, I will let you meet him after the king’s messenger goes away. I waited till the king’s messenger departed from there. Then he told a bondman to hold the hand of Saqar, take him to the room in which an Alawite prisoner was held and leave him there. He took me to a room and pointed to a dark room. When I entered I saw that the Imam was sitting and in front of him was a dug out grave. I greeted the Imam and he responded to my greetings and told me to sit. When I was seated, the Imam said: Saqar, what is the purpose of your visit?

I said: Master, I have to inquire about your wellbeing. Then I looked at the grave and began to weep.

The Imam said: Don’t worry Saqar, they cannot cause me any harm

I said: Thank God.

Then I said: There is a tradition of the Messenger of Allah (S) which I cannot understand?

He said: Which tradition?

I said: The Holy Prophet (S) said: ‘Do not make enemies of the days as they will be (in retaliation) inimical to you.’

The Imam said: “It implies ‘our’ days. Due to us, as we have raised up the skies and the earth; thus Sabt (Saturday) is the name of the Messenger of Allah (S) Ahada (Sunday) is the name of Amirul Momineen (as), Ithnain (Monday) are Imams Hasan (as) and Husain (as), Thalath a (Tuesday) is Ali bin Husain (as), Muhammad bin Ali (as), al-Baqir (as) and Ja’far bin Muhammad Sadiq (as), Arbaa (Wednesday) is Musa bin Ja’far (as), Ali bin Musa (as) and Muhammad bin Ali (as), Khamees (Thursday) is my son, Hasan (as) and Friday, is the son of my son. And it is through him that the party of truth will gather and it is him that would fill the earth with justice and truth just as it would have been fraught with injustice and oppression. THUS THIS IS THE MEANING OF ‘DAYS’ AND THAT YOU MUST NOT BE INIMICAL TO THE DAYS IN THIS WORLD OR THEY WOULD BE INIMICAL TO YOU IN THE HEREAFTER. Then he said: Now you may go as you are not safe here.”

Reference : Kamaluddin wa tamamul an nima, Volume 2, page 51 & 52 (English)

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