Mohammad bin Ibrahim narrated from Abu Jaafar Mohammad bin Jarir Al-Tabari, from Abu Mohammad Hasan bin Abdul Wahid Al-Khazzar, from Isma’eel bin Ali Al-Saadi, from Manee bin Hajjaj, from Isa bin Musa, from Jaafar Al-Ahmar, from Abi Jaafar Mohammad bin Ali , from Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari, from the Messenger of Allah , who said:

On the Day of Judgement, my daughter, Fatema (sa), will enter on an embellished camel from the camels of Paradise. The bridle of the camel will be made of wet pearls, the legs will be made of green emeralds, the tail will be made of musk, and the eyes will be made of red corundum.(1)

There will be a dome of light on top of Fatema (sa) which will be transparent. Inside this dome will be Allah’s Forgiveness, and outside of it will be Allah’s Mercy.

There will be a crown of light on her head that has seventy corners. Each corner will be embedded with pearls and corundum, and it will shine like a bright star in the middle of the sky.

There will be seventy thousand angels to her right and seventy thousand angels to her left.

Jibraeel will be pulling the bridle of the camel and he will call with a very loud voice, “Lower your heads until Fatema (sa), the daughter of Mohammad (sawa), passes.”

There will not be any prophet, messenger, truthful being, or martyr left who will not lower his head while Fatema passes until she is parallel to the Throne of Allah.

Then Fatema will throw herself from the camel and say to Allah, “O my Lord and my Master! Judge between me and those who were unjust to me. Judge between me and those who killed my sons.”

Allah will reply to her, “O My love and daughter of My love! Ask Me anything and I will grant it, and intercede on behalf of anyone and it will be accepted. I swear to My own Magnificence and Glory that no injustice of the unjust will pass by Me.

She will say, “O my Lord and my Master! I intercede on behalf of my progeny, my Shia, the Shia of my Progeny, those who loved me, and those who loved my progeny.”

So Allah will call, “Where are the progeny of Fatema (sa), her Shia, the Shia of her progeny, those who loved her, and those who loved her progeny?”

They will stand up and will be surrounded by the angels of mercy. Then Fatema (sa) will lead them all to Paradise.

(1) Corundum is a naturally occurring aluminum oxide mineral (Al2O3). After diamond, it is the hardest known natural substance. Its finer varieties are the gemstones sapphire and ruby.

Ref : Aamali Saduq, Majlis 5,

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