Why did Allah allow Enemies to overpower His Hujjat on the Day of Ashura ?

Mohammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq Taleqani says: We had gone to meet Husain bin Ruh (ra) along with a group of people amongst whom, Ali bin Isa Qaisari was also present. One person went to Husain bin Ruh (ra) and requested to ask a question.

Husain bin Ruh (ra) told him to ask whatever was in his mind. 

The man asked, “Tell me about Imam Husain (as), was he the Wali of Allah?”

Husain bin Ruh (ra) replied in the affirmative.

The man asked again, “Is it deserving of the enemy of Allah to become dominant over the Wali of Allah?”

Abul Qasim bin Ruh (ra) said, “Pay attention to what I say now, Allah the almighty does not address the people while they see Him with their own eyes nor does He take a physical form to speak with the people. But Allah created Prophets that resemble humans in every form and sent them to the people. And if He had created Prophets that resemble other than humans then they would have surely fled from the Prophets and payed no heed to their sayings. But when He created them in the same form as humans that ate and walked like them, they said you are but humans like us and we won’t accept your sayings unless you perform acts of miracles that cannot be done by any of us.

Accordingly, God bestowed upon the Prophets the power of miraculous deeds that others were unable to perform. And one of the divine Prophets was Prophet Noah (as) that after warning and frightening people from God’s punishment and completing the argument against them, God by his (Noah) request brought the great storm that drowned all the rebels and apostates. And another of the divine Prophets was the Prophet Ibrahim (as), who was thrown into the fire, but the fire became cold and gentle on him. And another of the divine Prophets was Hazrat Saleh (as) who, by the power of God, took a camel out of a mountain and made milk flow from its breasts. And another of the divine Prophets was Prophet Moses (as) who, by the permission of God, split the sea, and caused a fountain of water to flow from a stone for the benefit of his people, and the staff he was holding became a snake and swallowed the false tools of witches and destroyed them. And another of the divine Prophets was Jesus (as) who healed the blind and the people sick with the leprosy and raised the dead, and was aware of what the people ate and kept at home and all this was done by the permission of God. And another divine Prophet was Muhammad (saws), the same Prophet who split the moon in two and the one who the four limbed creatures like camels and lizards and others spoke to.

Even though the divine Prophets brought such miracles and the people were unable to perform similar feats, by the wisdom of Allah and His grace for His creations what happened is, that the Prophets whilst having all these miraculous powers yet sometimes succeeded and at times failed. If God had made the Prophets victorious in every way, and had not afflicted them with calamities and tested them, the people would have chosen them instead of God as their Lord, and the position of Prophet’s by virtue of their patience and forbearance against tests and calamities would not have been known. But God made the Prophets experience victory and defeat, like other people, so as they remain patient against hardships and calamities and be thankful for their victory and prosperity against the enemies and to be humble in all aspects of their lives, and not to be complacent and arrogant.

Thus the servants should know that for the Prophets as well, there is a God who is the creator and mastermind of the affairs of the Prophets, so that the people may worship God and be obedient to the divine Prophets. Thus God made his argument against those who exaggerated about the Prophets and considered the Prophets as God. Also, the argument was completed against those who had enmity with the Prophets and rebelled and disobeyed and denied the revelations of the Prophets”

Mohammad bin Ibrahim bin Ishaq (ra) said that when he heard these reasons he was thinking to himself whether the things Ibn Ruh has narrated to us is from himself or from Imam Mahdi (atfs).

Before he could bring these thought to his lips, Husain bin Ruh (ra) said: “O Muhammad bin Ibrahim! It is more loveable for me if I fall from the sky to the ground and a bird of prey grabs me in the air or a strong wind blows me to an unreachable place, than to tell you something from my own opinion, but what I said is in accordance with what I heard from Hazrat Hujjat Ibn Al-Hassan Al-Askari (atfs)

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