Dream of Hind bin Utbah (la) and the CURSE of Holy Prophet(sawa) upon her and her Progeny.

Through successive chain of transmitters reaching the Noble Traditionist Muhammad bin Ali bin Shahr Ashob Sarawi (May Allah enlighten his grave), who relates from Ibn Abbas,

That one day Hind (la) (the wife of Abu Sufyan (la)) called up Ayesha (la) to ask the Prophet (S) regarding the interpretation of a dream. The Prophet (S) told her to relate as to what she had dreamt.

She said, “I saw a sun rising over my head and a moon emerging from my interior. A dark star came forth from the moon and attacked the sun. A small (bright) star which has emerged from the sun had been swallowed up by the dark star, engulfing the entire horizon into darkness. Then I saw that numerous stars have appeared in the heavens, while the earth was filled with dark stars who have engulfed the horizon entirely.”

When the Prophet heard this, tears started flowing from his eyes and he ordered Hind (la) to go away twice saying, “O enemy of Allah! You have renewed my sorrow and have informed me of the death of my beloved ones.”

When she went away he said,
“O Allah! Send your curse upon her and her progeny.”

When he was asked regarding the interpretation of the dream he said,
“The sun which had risen over her head is Ali ibn Abi Talib (a.s.), while the moon (which emerged from her interior) is Mu’awiyah (la) the seditious, transgressor and denier of Allah. And the darkness which she refers to and the dark star which emerged from the moon and attacked the small sun (the bright star) which came forth from the sun and swallowed it, and the entire world turned dark. It’s interpretation is that my son Husayn (as) will be murdered by the son of Mu’awiyah (la), because of which the sun will turn black (in grief) and the entire horizon dark. While the dark stars which have engulfed the entire earth are the Bani Umayyah (la).”

Ref :- Nafasul Mahmum, Pg no.46,47, H no.36

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