Yazid (la) killing the descendant of David (Prophet Dawood (as))

Ibn Laheeah has narrated from Abi Aswad Muhammad Ibn Abdul Rahman, that he met Ra’s-ul-Jaloot, the chief of Jews. He said, “I am in the seventieth generation from Dawood (a.s.). Yet the Jews honor and pay respect to me. Between you and your Prophet the distance is not more than one generation, and you killed his sons?”

Zain-ul-Abedin (a.s.) is reported to have said, “When they brought the head of Husayn (a.s.) to Yazeed (may the curse of Allah be upon him), he arranged several drinking parties, placed the holy head near him, and drank.”

Once, the Roman ambassador, who was from the nobles of Rome, who was present in the ceremony told Yazeed (la), “O king of Arabia, whose head is this?”

Yazeed (l.a.): “It has nothing to do with you.”

The ambassador: “When I return to my country, the king will inquire about everything. I would like to narrate the story of this head, so that he may also share your joy!”

Yazeed (l.a.): “This is the head of Husayn, son of Ali Ibn Abi Talib (a.s.).”

The ambassador: “And who is his mother?”

Yazeed: “Fatima (s.a.), daughter of the Prophet of Allah!”

The ambassador: “Damn with you and your faith! My faith is better than yours since my father is from the descendants of David and from his race, and there is a lengthy time span between them and me. Yet the Christians respect me and pick up dust from beneath of my footsteps, as an auspicious gift, only because I am a descendant of David (Prophet Dawood (as)). But you are killing the son of the daughter of your Prophet; whereas, the distance between him and your Prophet is only of one mother. What kind of a religion do you follow?”

Then he asked, “Have you heard the story of the Church of Hafir?”

Yazeed (l.a.): “Tell me.”

The ambassador: “There is a sea between Oman and China. It takes six months to cross it. There is no habitation therein except for an island in the midst of the sea, which has an area of eighty farsakh in length and eighty in width. No city on the surface of earth is greater than that. Camphor and ruby are exported from there. It is under the control of Christians, and their king is a Christian too. There are many churches in it, and the biggest one the Church of Hafir. On its altar is a small golden box having a hoof mark. It is said that it is the hoof of the donkey that Jesus (a.s.) had rode. They have decorated it in a golden frame and brocade. Every year a large number of Christians visit it, go round it, kiss it, and standing near it, pray to Almighty Allah for the fulfillment of their needs. This honor and tradition is for the hoof of the donkey of Jesus (a.s.) and it is for a place, where according to them, is the mark of the hoof of the donkey on which their Prophet used to ride. And you are killing the son of the daughter of your Prophet. Allah will not bless either you or your religion”.

This hostile Yazeed (l.a.): “Kill this Christian so that he may not disgrace us in his country!”

When the Christian perceived his intention, he asked, “Do you intend to kill me?”

Yazeed (l.a.): “Yes!”

The Christian: “Know that last night I saw your Prophet in my dream and he told me, ‘O Christian! You are a man of Paradise’. I became very surprised by his word. Now I witness that there is no God except Allah, and Muhammad (s.a.w.a.) is the Messenger of Allah.”
Then he rushed towards the head of Husayn, embraced it and began to kiss it, and while doing so became a martyr!

Ref : Lohoof, Event 5, Page no. 78

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